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    3M™ Ranger™ Blood and Fluid Warming System

    3M™ Ranger™ Blood and Fluid Warming System

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    A smart, intuitive, dry heat technology solution

    The 3M™ Ranger™ Blood and Fluid Warming System uses dry heat technology to help make your job easier and optimize patient care. Dry heat technology adapts to virtually any fluid warming need from KVO (keep vein open) to 500 mL/min or 30 L/hour. That means fast, accurate heat control that minimizes the risk of overheating fluids while avoiding the potential for cross contamination associated with traditional water bath systems.¹

    Key benefits:

    • Safe and secure: visual and audible alerts to let you know if a chamber’s pressure drops below or exceeds the desired pressure range
    • Saves time and money: one warming unit is used for all flow rates – from pediatric cases to standard flow rates to high volume flow rates – all cases follow the same set-up process
    • Clinically proven: infusing cold fluids can produce hypothermia.² Infusing one litre of room-temperature fluid (21°C) or one unit of refrigerated blood (4°C) can decrease the patient’s mean body temperature by 0.25°C2 and the effects are additive
    • Sustainable: 3M worked with suppliers to rid the entire warming set of components that are made of materials that contain DEHP (di-[2-ethylhexy] phthalate)

    1. Rutala WA, Weber DJ. Water as a reservoir of nosocomial pathogens. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, September 1997; 18: 609-616.

    2. Sessler DI. Consequences and treatment of perioperative hypothermia. Anesthesia Clinics of North America 1994; 12(3): 425-56.

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