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Importance of normothermia

Why is normothermia important?

In the surgical environment, degrees matter. Maintaining a normal core body temperature, normothermia, is a crucial component of patient safety. Core temperatures outside the normal range pose a risk to all patients undergoing surgery and have been associated with an increased risk of surgical complications, including surgical site infections.

Why should I care about maintaining normothermia?

As a clinician, you want to provide the best care possible for your patients, and maintaining normothermia is one of the critical components that may help reduce the risk of surgical site infections, excessive blood loss and adverse cardiac events. It also minimizes patient discomfort caused by shivering.

As a patient, you deserve to be warmed during your surgical procedure. Maintaining normothermia leads to better outcomes and a quicker recovery – something everyone wants.

As a veterinarian, your animal patients are at risk for the same negative outcomes as human patients. And unlike human patients, our furry friends are unable to express their pain and discomfort, making warming even more important.


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